Wojciech Czepiel

conductor & composer

Wojciech Czepiel


24 Duos for TwoViolins

Realised thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Poland.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In June, July and August you will find herePDF documents containing scores for three subsequentparts of duos (each part = 8 duos), and finally, at the end of August all 24 scores will be online: one file containing the score of total 24 duos as well as separate files with scores for violin 1 and violin 2. The scores will be available until the end of April 2021. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Poland, the scores are available for free for everyone interested in performing the works.

For a longtime I’ve wanted to compose such a series of duos for two violins. Undoubtedly, the works by Bela Bartok and Luciano Berio were an inspiration for me, but I decided to realise the idea in a different way. First of all, I wanted to compose longer duos (that’s why there are only 24 pieces) and to differentiatethemsharply in terms of musical language. So in this series you will, for example, find duos inspired by the music from Polish mountain region Podhale (especially from Pieniny). Another part of duos is written in contemporary music language with elements of aleatoricism, which gives not only interesting sound possibilities, but also achancefor violinists’ individual imagination to reveal itself. Finally, there are some duos (Tango, Ragtime, Walc, March) written in a completely tonal language.

I consider such a „mosaic” interesting in case of performing the completeset of 24 duos as well as in case where musicians, according to their musical taste, choose their own shorter set of duos.

I suggest that the scores should be printed in A3. This format allows to avoid the necessity of turning pages while performing the duos. Moreover, it allows to have a very high clarity of the score.

Finally, I wish you a pleasant conjoint music playing and I send my bestregards,

Wojciech Czepiel


June 2020


July 2020