Wojciech Czepiel


Violin sonata (1974)

The Sonata consists of three parts: Improvisando, Elegia and Finale. What inspired me to write it was for sure the wish to come back to the tradition when musicians used to write compositions for themselves as well as the fascination of Ysaye’s and Bartok’s sonatas for solo violin. I played this sonata many times on my violin recitales.

Cadenzas for the Mozart Violin Concerto no. 3 in G-major (1975)

I played these cadenzas frequently during my concert performances of the G-major Violin Concerto of Mozart as well as during the National Zdzislaw Jahnke Violin Competition in Poznan in 1976 and during the Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition in Poznan in 1977.

12 Fugues for various instruments and ensembles (1984)

These fugues are to be played by harpsichord, piano, organs, choir, string ensemble and double reed trio..

Sequenza for symphonic orchestra (1991)

I conducted the Sequenza many times with a very good reception from both orchestras and the audience. Here is a fragment of the review of the performance in Cracow:

“... before the music-stand stood Wojciech Czepiel, who carried the interpretation of his own composition Sequenza. This modern overture, which glitters of many extraordinary sounds or colorful and dynamic instrumental interaction, turned out to be an extremely neat and energetic work”

Tomasz Jakub Handzlik – „Gazeta Wyborcza”

Link to the recording of the Sequenza performance with Lebanese Philharmonic in Beirut –

Capriccio for solo flute (1991)

A several minutes virtuoso composition.

Duo No. 1 for two violins (1992)

The first composition from the planned series of miniatures for two violins.

Novelette for symphonic orchestra (1993)

The premiere of the composition took place in November 1993 at the concert with Symphonic Orchestra of the Sudeten Philharmonic in Walbrzych.

Duo No. 2 for two violins (2007)

Duo No. 3 for two violins (2012)

Duo No. 4 for two violins (2015)